Baseball Bat Buying FAQs

How to choose a baseball bat, a top-rated baseball bat review site for 2021, is here to answer baseball bat-buying FAQs. 

Smash breaks down common questions from players, coaches, or parents of little leaguers when they are looking for the best baseball bat.
First, make sure you are buying the right bat type. For example, high school baseball requires a BBCOR bat. Start by comparing baseball bat models online. Consider first and foremost the type of batter you are and what you're looking to accomplish out of buying a new bat.

Consider the following when choosing a new bat:

  • Type - most often you will be looking to buy a metal bat. The second choice is a wood bat. Wooden bat leagues are fun.
  • Features - consider personal batting style when selecting a bat
  • Check Length - choose the right bat length 
  • Grip - large knob, lizard-skin or naked grips, every bat has a different grip.
  • Model - look for baseball bats with the right materials, weight distribution, and design. 
  • Durability - read Amazon reviews to ensure your new bat is durable.  
  • Material - aluminum vs. composite bats are a hot debate and should be considered in your bat buying journey.
  • BBCOR-certified bats are for high-school and college level. These bats have -3 weight distributions, 32"/29oz, 33"/30oz, and 34"/31oz. 
  • USSSA bats are for youth baseball leagues such as travel or tournament baseball.
  • USA bats are for Little League.
Make sure you search in the right category before you purchase it! 

Not necessarily! Every player has a bat that fits their swing and hitter profile. Often times, players can't figure this out themselves. Often times, they can't compare light, balanced, and end-loaded bats to discern the differences. is dedicated to helping batters find which bat works best for them, each and every year. 

Again, it comes down to preference. Easton is well-known and trusted each season to produce high-quality baseball bats. DeMarini is a top choice. Louisville Slugger has the history to back them and still produce high-quality bats year in, year out. 

Other notable bat brands:

  • Axe
  • Rawlings
  • Nike
  • Marucci
And that's not all. Browse through our simple bat-buying guides to find the best ones today. Also, please support Minor League Baseball as the pandemic devastates teams nationwide.

More Baseball Bat FAQ coming soon! Ask your baseball bat questions in the comment section if you wish. 

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